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Case Study: Rebranding Avant Garde Wheels

Despite its well-established position in the luxury wheel sector, Avant Garde Wheels was confronting a significant obstacle — its existing branding fell short in embodying the sophistication and luxurious appeal that should have been central to its identity. The prior logo and visual elements appeared too generic, failing to reflect the brand’s exclusive legacy and the distinct preferences of its high-end clientele.This branding challenge centered on the lack of a distinctive and upscale resonance that should naturally align with the notions of exclusivity, rich legacy, and catering to unique tastes, which are the hallmarks of their clientele.

The pressing objective was to fundamentally transform the brand identity of Avant Garde Wheels, thereby reinforcing its esteemed position in the luxury wheel market. It was vital that the revamped branding evoke a sense of unparalleled status, embody timeless elegance, and radiate luxury, thereby fostering an unmistakable affiliation with the brand’s proud heritage and forward-looking vision.In essence, the objective was to resurrect the brand identity in a manner that it aligns seamlessly with Avant Garde Wheels' heritage and portrays a vision steeped in elegance and luxury.


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